Product Design

We invest heavily in research and product design to ensure the continued improvement of all our products.

We’ve taken great care to identify specific markets that will benefit from our range of products. Once we’ve thoroughly researched an opportunity we’ll then design, test and develop a product specific for that application. We work closely with clients we believe to be the ”Best in Class” in order to provide hands on feedback on each product. This information is then used to refine, continually re-test and finally make products ready for market launch.

We’re constantly being asked to research and overcome specific cleaning solutions for our customers, especially when there are exacting cross contamination standards to meet or specific cleaning cloth shapes that need to be designed for challenging tasks.

We supply a range of superior industry specific cleaning products developed in collaboration with our customers to meet exact cleaning standards and hygiene requirements. This, along with our commitment to customer service has been the foundation of our success.

On-Site Cleaning Survey

We’d be happy to visit your premises to undertake a survey of requirements. We can help you to devise the most appropriate suite of products to enhance your cleaning regimes, cut cleaning costs and increase cleaning productivity.