Frequently Asked Questions

MACROfibre provide a range of technical cleaning products which can be used across a diverse range of applications. Please find the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

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What is mACROFibre?

MACROfibre is a synthetic high-density woven material made up of thousands of fine polyester fibres.

What does MACROfibre do?

MACROfibre material predominantly cleans hard and textured surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

Unlike other cleaning fabrics, it does this by getting deep into the body of the target surface and by a mechanical process, agitates and then removes unwanted dirt and debris.

Does MACROfibre work on its own?

The very least that MACROfibre needs to clean a surface is a little water. Water is used to dampen the fibres of the MACROfibre and helps them to pick dirt up into the fabric. Water is also used to rinse the fabric, ready to be used again.

I’ve heard of MICROfibre, is MACROfibre the same?

No. Where Microfibre has tiny wedge shaped filaments in the strands of the cloth that absorb liquids and dust from flat surfaces, MACROfibre has minute, brush-like fibres that reach into the structure of a surface and collect dirt. Unlike Microfibre, MACROfibre is non-absorbent, meaning that it picks up dirt rather than moisture.

How can surfaces truly be clean if I’m not using chemicals?

MACROfibre ‘cleans mechanically’ – the brush-like fibres reach deep into the structure of a target surface to collect dirt and debris, removing  rather than dissolving or killing it.

How do I wash MACROfibre?

The collected dirt by “MACROfibre” should be rinsed out using clean water after every use of the fabric. For a more thorough clean, MACROfibre can be machine washed at an eco-friendly 30ºC  and then drip dried.

Can I use MACROfibre with detergents and chemicals?

Whilst we advocate the use of water only with MACROFibre products, the fabric itself works ell with other decongestants.

Will MACROfibre get damaged when used with chemicals and detergents?

No – MACROfibre products have a long  useful life that is not compromised buy the use of other more aggressive cleaning fluids.

How is MACROfibre good for the planet?

MACROfibre is made from 100% recycled materials (predominantly plastic bottles) and is 100% recyclable after its life cycle. MACROfibre does not require harsh chemicals that can harm the Earth and its eco-system. We advocate the use of water only cleaning with this product.

Where is MACROfibre produced?

MACROfibre is manufactured exclusively in the UK.

MACROfibre looks tough, will it harm my surfaces?

Although MACROfibre is hard-wearing it is also non-abrasive due to its complex polyester structure, meaning it can be successfully used on almost any surface without risk of damage.

MACROfibre has been independently tested to show that it is up to 1000 time less abrasive than other market leading products.

How many times can MACROfibre be reused?

MACROfibre is durable and long-lasting. It can be used and re-used and in many cases brands will offer up to a 350 wash cycle guarantee.